Winter League Round 1 Littleport and Ely Ouse


In this match I drew permanent peg 12 on Littleport, our team draw didn't have many "gimme" pegs but I felt confident of a reasonabloe weight from the area.


Full depth of 14 feet was at about 8m, and then the depth was pretty consistent, with a bit of a breeze forecast I made the decision to fish at the bottom of the shelf, despite it being only at 8m evryone else seemed to be going longer.


I was into fish straight away, but they were quite small, and although I caught first, my roach were quite a bit smaller than those on the adjacent pegs. With my whole section to my left I kept an eye on the anglers this way and felt I had the measure of all but my former teammate Alistair Ogilvie, fishing for Maver Bait-Tech, in the end my fish were just too small on this closer line, and although I had guaranteed a good weight, the venue fished exceptionally well and the bigger fish were at 13m, I ended up about a pound and a half behind Alistair, and was kicking myself for not bleak fishing half an hour earlier as I was catching at a rate of 3lb an hour in the last 40 mins!!!


Section 2nd and team equal second (third on weight) with Bait Tech was a bit disappointing, Browning Hotrods were much more consistent and won comfortably......on to Oundle (after France!!)


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