Mix of the Month November 2011

Mixes like this are absolutely perfect for venues where the fish migrate into an area and it becomes an out and out speed fishing race.

As the weather turns colder still and we begin to look for weights of numbers of small roach our mixes tend to get a bit finer to be more attractive to all sizes of roach, but in particular we are trying to target numbers of fish at venues like Benwick and the Whittlesey Dyke.


Once again we use super canal black as the basis of our mixes but instead of the slightly more aggressive roach we are adding black lake and formula supreme in even amounts. This mix takes some water and can need three wettings to get the consistency right.


Its important to pre mix with your drill, before adding the water and I will always keep a small amount of black lake back just in case it ends up overwet, although it is unlikely, especially on the first wetting.


This is the mix that can be used when whip fishing for 300+ roach on a fairly heavy (0.75g) rig for about 10lb, and it can be cupped to produce a bed, or often is better fed all the time in small balls with a few squatts and pinkies included in the mix, and often with pinkies also being loosefed heavily over the top.