Mix of the Month March 2013

Sensas Sweet Fishmeal Magic

This Months mix is a real winner on stillwaters where silver fish, especially skimmers are the target it is Sensas Sweet Fishmeal Magic. At this time of year when the carp are not playing ball this mix is a winner for kickstarting your peg for silvers, and is a real favourite when skimmers are the target. On most fisheries four balls mixed to break up on the bottom, of this with a few casters and dead maggots and possibly a few soaked 2mm pellets provides an excellent base over which skimmers love to graze. This is probably only about half a bag..no need to over do it!


Be careful with topping up as the water is still cold, just a few pellets potted over the top with a few casters is often more than enough in really cold water. Some people add chopped worm, but at this time of year it is less effective than when the water begins warming up towards the end of April. Should the skimmers really have a go then a top up with more groundbait may be the best option, but be careful, it is still cold and overfeeding can completely kill your peg.


Hookbait will likely be a couple of dead reds on an 18 to 0.10 hooklength or a 4mm expander, a light coloured expander is often good in the winter. Caster is also an obvious hookbait, especially double laid on a few inches, can be deadly.

Sensas Light Carp Pellets