Sensas Poles and why I use mine.

Fishing for Sensas Mark One, it is quite natural for our anglers to predominantly use poles produced by our Title Sponsor, but the vast majority of our guys would use them anyway, due to the combination of available ranges, quality and sensible pricing.


The three most popular poles in our squad are the 774, 784, and the 74XL, all of which carry the "Power Match" name tag.


The name implies the poles are strong and whilst this is true, it is also important to point out that they are not designed for hauling big carp out of the margins, and most anglers would carry a more specialised pole for this eventuality.


However, the Power Match range offers an excellent combination of price, performance and brilliant ranges of spares, and that's the main reason we tend to use the products.


The 774 was probably the most popular pole in Europe by a year after it's launch, and it offers the perfect balance between strength, rigidity and cost. Matt Hall won his second Fish o Mania using the pole, so it is perfectly capable of coping with most commercial work. In our area though we tend to fish on natural venues for a combination of Roach and Bream with a few tench and eels for good meaasure, and in these varied situations the versatility of the poles comes into it's own. The 784 that I use is the slightly lighter and stiffer version of the 784, built on the same mandrell all the sections interchange.


The beauty of the Sensas range is that you have a large selection of top kit types available to you from light and stiff competition kits, right through to ultra strong big fish kits, although we tend to use the competition (Silver) and Match kits as a rule.


The new XL pole range is the latest flagship range, and the XL74 is the long section version of the old 774. Team captain John Bates has used this pole for some time, and despite the long sections its improved strength and the fact that all the sections are interchangeable with the original 4 series poles makes this a brilliant upgrade option. The XL74 is very strong, and on the recent Sensas Challenge Final in France Jean Desque used the pole when barbel fishing, although team mate Bob Bates used the 784 to land an 11lb + barbel at the Evesham Festival in 2010, which isn't a bad advert for the pole, it was landed using a puller kit in front of about 1000 pressure there then!!


All in all the Sensas poles offer a number of products to cover all pockets, and in my view their combination of performance and price makes them worth considering in all categories.


One last point, the Sensas poles also represent the majority of poles used each year at the World Championships, and that is at the very highest level.